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All of our lines are made of 100% PETDW 16 strand rope. This stuff is made to last, has a hollow braid, floats in water, will not rot or mildew and has built in ultra-violet inhibitors. Main lines are made of 3/8" tugs and neck lines are 1/4". 5/8" bronze snaps on the tugs and 3/8" bronze snaps on the neck lines. The dimensions of our lines are as follows:

Wheel Tugs are 54" in length Wheel Section overall length is 106"
Team Tugs are 44" in length Team Section overall length is 96 "
Leader Tugs are 30" in length Neck Lines are 14" in length

2 dog section 18.95 Double lead tugs 6.00
4 dog section 29.95 Neck lines 5.25
6 dog section 48.90 Reinforced Mainline w/ 1/4" add 25%
Cable Filled Poly -
2 dog sections (poly tugs& neck lines
34.95 Nylon Covered Cable -
2 dog sections (poly tugs & neck lines)

Cable Picket (Stake Out) Lines and Drop Lines:
5 dog picket line - 56.00 (9.00 per additional dog)
Drop Lines - 9.00ea (15" long)

Bungee Shock Line:
A shock absorber for my sled? Relieves stress on the dogs and on the sled (or training cart) and makes for a smoother ride. This 3/8" bungee is is looped 4 times and comes with a poly safety line, covered with rubber tubing and two 3/8” rapid links for attachment. Price - 27.00

For smaller teams, we now have a bungee designed for 2-6 dogs for 20.00.
Snub Lines:
More secure and a whole lot easier to use than a slip knot, our lines are perfect for keeping your team in place.

With tow fixed lines (one around your sled, gig, skijoring setup and the other around a fixed object) and a custom quick release snap with cable grab loop you will be able to get your team off the line flawlessly. Price - 20.00
Snub Line

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