Dog Accessories


Dog Accessories


We have other items to outfit your dog with from top to bottom. All of these items are used by our own dogs in the back yard, training trails and at races allowing us to modify and improve designs before we sell them to the public. This ensures that we are giving the customer a quality product at a reasonable price.

Dog Parka –
Dogs love these Parkas! There is not a better product to keep your dog warm and dry during those cold winter days. The outer layer of Supplex is soft, durable and water resistant. Fleece from Malden Mills makes our inner layer warm and dry closest to the dog where it is needed the most. Colors subject to change, so call for current color choices.
Price – 35.00

Dog Coat –
Same as the Dog Parka but only the fleece layer. Price – 25.00

Dog Jacket –
Same as the Dog Parka but only the Supplex layer. Price – 22.50

Safety Vest –
Hunter orange pack cloth with reflective tape. Price – 8.95

Dog Blanket –
A blanket of Malden Mills fleece made doggie size. Price – 15.00

Dog Booties –
You haven’t seen anything until you have seen a puppy try on their first pair of boots. We carry three different materials to suit all your needs. They all come with 1″ Velcro wraps, serge sewn, trimmed and turned so all you have to do is put it on the dogs foot. If you have any questions about the differences and many uses, give us a call. Sorry, no color choice and extra-large is a special order.

Fleece from Malden Mills and our durable cloth come at the same low price but Cordura is going to cost you a little bit more:

Set of 4 5 – 12 13 – 49 50 – 499 500 – 999 1000+
Stretch Hook & Loop
Fleece or Cloth
2.50 EA

Collars –
Made of more durable material than our standard harnesses. This is done to prevent slippage, we know these collars are made to last. Please specify 1 1/2″ O’ring or 1″ D’ring. Check the standard harness section for color availability.

Style and Prices Qty. 1-9 Qty. 10+
Adjustable Full Circle 3.75 3.50
Adjustable Full Circle Padded 5.25 5.00
Adjustable Limited Slip 3.75 3.50
Fixed Full Circle 1.75 1.50
Neon Colors Add 0.50 ea.

Leashes –
Again, our standard webbing and colors with quality snaps and hardware available in fixed and adjustable lengths.

Size/Style Price Size/Style Price
4ft. Fixed Solid Color 4.75 4ft. Fixed Patterned 5.75
6ft. Fixed Solid Color 5.75 6ft. Fixed Patterned 6.75
6ft. Adj. to 3 1/2ft Solid Color 6.95 6ft. Adjustable Patterned 7.95

Travel Trough – Packable Bowls for Dogs

These things are great for hiking, biking, camping or just riding in the car with your dog. Holds plenty of water or dog food and is machine washable. Colors:(subject to availability) Black, turquoise, red, purple, forest green and blue. Price – 10.95

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