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Bikejoring BAY-o-net

Styled after the prefered attachment of European bikejorers the BAY-o-net gets the line out over the tire reducing "run-over" of slack lines
Made of UHMW plastic the BAY-o-net is strong yet flexible and able to withstand the rigors of training and racing
Pressure sensitive closed-cell foam backer eliminates wear on your bike's paint

Easily attaches to the top tube and head tube with 1 1/2" industrial hook-n-loop and webbing fasteners, evenly distributing pulling power over the frame
Combined with the Nooksack bungee line (same as the skijoring bungee minus the quick release snap) the BAY-o-net is the perfect bikejoring attachment

Price - 34.95

Nooksack Racing Supply (207)539-4324